Hiking Samos

Hiking on Samos

In spring and autumn, when temperatures are more bearable, the island becomes an Eldorado for hikers.

Of course there are countless hikes that you can do on the island. Our preference is the walks on the Monopati (old donkey and goat paths) and the Kalderimi (old paved paths). For walks around Pythagorion, Conny likes to give you a recommendation.

Nightingale Walks

The Nightingale Walks are perfectly distinguished and maintained walking routes in the north of the island.

Around Kokkari (K1, K2 ...) and the idyllic mountain villages Stavrinides (S1, S2 ...), Manolates (M1, M2 ...) Vourliotes (V1, V2 ...) are marked great tours, partly on the old donkey paths (Kalderimis). A current flyer with map and description of the tours in different languages is available free of charge in almost every tavern in the named places. Make sure you always get the latest flyer this year!

Micro und Megalo Seitani

Mikro and Megalo Seitani, the devil's bays are the two stages of a fantastic coastal walk.

The beaches and the hike are very well described here: http://www.insel-samos.net/informationen/schoene-straende/seitani.htm