Samos is a historical place and therefore the island has a lot to offer. Here is a small selection in our area:

Tunnel of the Eupalinos

The tunnel of the Eupalinos is part of an old aqueduct built in the 6th century BC. Was built to supply Pythagorio. The tunnel with a length of 1036 meters is accessible from the south entrance along its entire length. There are guided tours to the point where the two digs met (and back to the south entrance) or to the north entrance (and not back). You will find the junction to the tunnel on the main road towards Samos town. It is also worth to visit Monastery Panagia Spiliani located at the end of the same street. There you will also find a cave church.

Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion

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Fortress Logothetis

The fortress west of the harbor served as a defense facility in the fight against the Turks. Next to it is the Christian church of Metamorfosis and the cemetery of Pythagorio.

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Interesting cities and villages

Of course, every village on Samos has its charm and the tastes are different. That's why you see our favorite places here, but it's best to make your own impression:


Only 2 km away from our resort is the small town Phytagorion. With countless shops and restaurants there is something for every taste.

Shopping in the morning or for dinner in the evening. Phytagorion invites you to stroll with its beautiful streets and the harbor promenade.



In the east of the island, Vathi is one of the oldest settlements of the island and has grown together with Samos City to one place.

Great old winding streets on the hills, invite you for a walk. Small streets, stairs, closely built houses and old churches characterize the townscape. Again and again you have a nice view of the city and the harbor.

Vathi on Wikipedia



In the north of the island Samos is the mountain village Manolates. The place is an artist and wine-growing village, as well as the neighboring villages Vourliotes and Stavrinides. Through the shady nightingale valley you reach Manolates in a picturesque location on the northern slope of the Ambelos Mountains. The road through nightingale valley ends at a parking lot. From here you can explore the small town on foot. Manolates is a popular tourist destination, so you will find a number of tavernas and shops selling handicrafts or souvenirs.


Water sports

various possibilities such as swimming, diving, sailing, kiting, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and much more. Samos offers everything for the water sportsman.

Wind & Water has a great deal right on the beach in Pytharorion.

The best windsurfing spot on Samos is in Kokkari at the station Samos Windsurfing


Mountain biking

Samos with its many mountains and countless paths and gravel roads is ideal for mountain biking. In spring or autumn, when the temparatures are bearable, it is best to go on tour in the early morning. Singletrack and mega descents reward for the hard climbs. Uphill you take the roads to one of the mountain villages, then you can rock the forest roads and trails downhill.

Your own bike, you can take with e.g. Condor for about 110 euros, or you borrow a bike at one of the many rental stations

Restaurants and bars

Our recommendations:

Taverna Antonis, Chora +30 2273 091043

El Coral at Nikos, Pythagorion at the harbour +30 2273 061193

Orizontas, Platanos +30 2273 039457

Lakis Restaurant, Pythagorion +30 2273 061252